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I am so grateful that it happened

Namaste! I’m Sushma, a certified lifestyle coach, and an international yoga teacher specializing in prenatal yoga. My interest in science started kindling when I was in my 10th std. And that time all I wanted is cut-off marks in the board exam so that I could opt for the science stream for my higher education. 

I am so grateful that I scored first class and gradually I completed my B.Sc. (Hons.) in Molecular Biology. My interest in health and wellness started when I was pursuing my Master’s in Biotechnology

After completing my master’s, I moved on to work for several organizations in the health and wellness space with different professional roles. Amidst this later I felt that somewhere

I had unknowingly compromised my health and which led me to some health challenges. Somehow I felt that I didn’t want to overshoot my body with just modern conventional solutions.

I always believed and experienced that the human body has such a beautiful high level of intelligence that can do magic to yourself, provided the right inputs are given at the right time in the right way.

Hence, I happened to start my journey by understanding yogic science and with blessings I completed my international certification (RYT200hrs) program from the Sri Sri School of Yoga. The entire journey of understanding the human body as a whole and the functionality of the mind totally fascinated me

My curiosity and fascination with the human body further led me to explore lifestyle management through epigenetic science to understand lifestyle management better in today’s busy life. There is a lot to learn from life, experiences, and studies and it is a continuous process. So I moved further and today, I’m a certified lifestyle coach from Viegyan Academy and a specialist in Prenatal Yoga from Sri Sri School of Yoga, Art of Living

I firmly believe that our mind and the body are interconnected and it functions as the whole individual. Any discomfort in our body arises in the mind first and manifests in the body. Just attending to only mind or only body may not give a long-term happier, healthier, and more fulfilling solution, we need to look at ourselves as a spectacular creation to unleash the potential of our life


Epigenetic Yogic Fitness Coach


I envision a world where people are taking charge of their well-being and achieving a fulfilling life.


To enhance the health span of 10 million busy professionals by combining Yoga and Epigenetic Science to have a happy, energetic, and fulfilling life.

Are you someone looking to enhance your current Physical & Mental Health or Lifestyle to reach an optimal life, where you can lead a happy energetic, and fulfilling life, then Discover your Optimal Health strategy with Your Coach Sushma.


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