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Everyone is unique, with unique daily requirements. What works for one person may not work for others due to differences in body and lifestyle. Personalizing your lifestyle is crucial for success in health and life goals. Experience the blend of Ancient Wellness and Epigenetic Science to achieve optimal health span. Wondering how?

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Certified Lifestyle Coach and a Yoga Practitioner who believes in the power of Lifestyle. I blend Modern Science with Eastern Wellness Wisdom to help you age gracefully and attain a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. 

With my unique approach, you’ll achieve optimal well-being effortlessly.




Here are my top programs which is helping people to begin their journey towards optimal wellbeing

Yogic Fitness Program

Yogic Fitness Program

A well curated group program span out for twelve sessions
WBMA Program

WBMA Program

Whole Body Muscle Activation Program (WBMA): One week workshop
AMBA - Pregnancy Yoga for Working Women

AMBA - Pregnancy Yoga for Working Women

Specially curated trimester based Program for Pregnant Women to enjoy the journey of pre & post natal motherhood
Epigenetic Yogic Lifestyle Program

Epigenetic Yogic Lifestyle Program

A highly curated four-months in depth program to reset all aspects of Lifestyle by combining Ancient Wisdom of Yoga and Epigenetic Science to empower you for optimal wellbeing

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